Quality Assurance meets Operational Excellence

We use the best of both worlds to support your company in Quality topics.

Operational Excellence

Based on years of experience in one of the world’s leading Operational Excellence systems we are aware of the challenges, but also of the far reaching benefits of a pragmatic and need-oriented combination of Quality and OPEx principles and tools. This knowledge allows us to identify those strategies and tools, which bring the greatest benefits for our customers in their individual situation.

Quality & Compliance

In a world of increasingly complex global companies and supply chains and continuously emerging regulations, ensuring product quality and compliance with GMP requirements becomes more and more challenging. Our team provides fundamental practical experience in this area, which allows us to quickly identify and to establish pragmatic and targeted solutions.

Our Services

The QProgress team supports you to design, modify, establish and run your systems and processes in a way that maintains product quality and compliance in an effective and efficient manner.
In case you need additional expertise or capacity without increasing headcount, or look for a fresh perspective on your programs, we can provide the resources you need when you need them, short- or long-term.

As QProgress we offer you consulting and services in the areas of Quality and OpEX, which capture the specific needs of your company, lay out a tailored, while still regulation conform program, implement it and establish performance monitoring. Through the unique combination of our competencies both in German and English-speaking environment, we will build bridges between these areas, which are often addressed through separate channels, and thus generate significant advantages for your company.